May 25 2022

Is your child mature enough for mouthwash? Follow these five safety tips!

When you stroll down the oral care aisle, odds are you’ve seen brightly-colored mouthwashes marketed towards children. As a parent first and consumer second, you might be wondering: Is mouthwash safe to use, or is it necessary? When can my child start using mouthwash? Is my child responsible enough to start using mouthwash? In this […]

May 18 2022

Sensitive Teeth in Children: Is it possible?

As the weather warms up, it’s common to treat your children with ice cream, snow cones, and other ice-cold refreshments. While it may be common to get a brain freeze after eating their favorite frozen treat, it is alarming if your child complains about sharp dental pain due to sensitive teeth. Generally, hot, cold, sweet, […]

May 11 2022

Milk: Is it necessary for healthy teeth and bones?

Got Milk? Because of these two simple words, many Americans associate milk with an everyday product that can help build healthy teeth and bones. But is there truth in this claim, or is it just a clever marketing gimmick? Dr. Matt of Overland Park, KS, breaks down some insightful information about the benefits of milk […]

May 04 2022

A Mother’s Guide to Baby’s First Year

Even though most babies are born without teeth, you can expect 20 primary teeth before turning three. For this reason, it’s vital for mothers, fathers, and other primary caregivers to protect your baby’s smile to the best of their abilities. In honor of Mother’s Day, Dr. Matt offers this guide to keeping your baby’s mouth […]

Apr 27 2022

Should you allow your child to chew gum?

Children are curious creatures. Maybe your kid noticed gum in your mouth, saw a child chewing gum in a famous family flick, or was given a piece of gum at school—and now they are intrigued. If you’re hesitant about letting your child chew gum, Dr. Matt answers parents’ top questions about their children chewing gum […]

Apr 20 2022

Dry Mouth in Children: How to Identify It and What to Do About It

Although dry mouth is commonly associated with the elderly, this condition can affect any age group—temporarily or long-term. If left untreated, this condition can lead to issues that threaten their oral health and development. So, we have compiled this guide to educate parents and their children about everything they need to know about dry mouth. […]

Apr 13 2022

Eat This for Eggs-Ceptional Oral Health

Easter season is imminent! This means it’s a time for annual traditions, family time, and more. Indeed, it’s fine to indulge in chocolate or candy-filled eggs in moderation when paired with proper oral hygiene.  However, the humble chicken egg is a superfood filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Whether you like your eggs fried, deviled, […]

Apr 06 2022

Pediatric Dentistry Mystery: Why do babies put objects in their mouths?

Their toes, toys, and even your phone–does everything your baby gets their hands-on end up in their mouth? If so, don’t worry. Oral exploration (also known as “mouthing”) is an expected milestone of your baby’s development and can be a positive experience for their wellness. When your child is mastering how to reach for and […]

Mar 23 2022

Athletes and Poor Oral Health? Here are three staggering connections.

Although sports are a beneficial tool that helps children develop physical, social, and emotional skills, you may be surprised to discover that athletes tend to have more dental-related issues than their peers.  However, the purpose of this blog is not to discourage children from avoiding staying active. Instead, we want to shed light on the […]

Mar 16 2022

Go Green to Keep Your Grin in Tip-Top Shape

Many people wear green clothes to keep themselves from getting pinched each St. Patrick’s Day. But did you know that consuming green foods is a component of keeping your teeth and gums healthy? So, put these green items on your next grocery list. 1. Broccoli Chock full of Vitamin C and E, broccoli is one […]