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As children grow, their curiosity about the world around them also grows, especially when it comes to their own bodies. A common question that often arises is, “How many teeth do I have?” Many parents struggle to answer these types of questions, which is why Dr. Matt Hillman is here to help!

Does your little one have a question about their dental health? Contact Smiles Dentistry for Kids in Overland Park, KS, today! We can help you explain complex topics in easy-to-understand terms so your child can learn more about their teeth and gums. Contact our friendly team at (913) 685-9990 to answer your kiddo’s most intriguing questions!

Explaining dental health to children in an engaging and informative way can foster a positive attitude towards oral hygiene. So, whether it’s, “How many teeth do I have?” or, “Do I really have to go to the dentist,” we answer some commonly asked questions that children have about their teeth, gums, and dental health.

How many teeth do I have?

This is a great question! As a child, you start with no teeth at all, but by the time you turn one, you may have around eight baby teeth

As you grow, your baby teeth fall out, and by your early teenage years, you should have a full set of 32 teeth. This includes incisors for biting, canines for tearing, premolars for grinding, and molars for chewing. 

The wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) typically make their debut in your teens or early twenties.

Why do I have to brush my teeth every day?

Brushing your teeth is like giving them a good bath! It helps remove the food particles and bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease

By brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, you’re keeping your teeth clean and strong. It’s also a great way to prevent bad breath and ensure your smile stays bright.

What’s the big deal about flossing?

Flossing is like a superhero for your teeth! While brushing cleans the surfaces of your teeth, flossing gets into the tight spaces between them, where your toothbrush can’t reach.

Floss removes plaque and prevents cavities from forming in those hard-to-reach areas. So, by brushing and flossing together, you’re giving your teeth the ultimate protection against pesky cavities.

Do I really have to go to the dentist?

Absolutely! Dentists are like guardians for your teeth and gums. They have special tools and knowledge to make sure your teeth stay healthy.

Dentists can clean your teeth better than you can at home, and they can spot any potential problems before they become big issues. Going to the dentist is an essential part of keeping your smile in tip-top shape. That’s why experts recommend dental visits at least two times a year, every year for a healthy and strong smile.

Why do I get cavities even if I brush my teeth?

Cavities happen when tiny holes form in your teeth because of bacteria and sugar. Even if you brush, sometimes those tricky bacteria hide in the corners. Luckily, flossing and eating healthy foods can limit cavity-causing bacteria, giving you a healthier, more beautiful smile!

Have questions? Dr. Matt has answers!

By answering children’s dental questions in a way that’s relatable and fun, parents can instill good dental habits that will last a lifetime. So, the next time your little one asks, “How many teeth do I have?”, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Matt at Smiles Dentistry for Kids in Overland Park, KS. You can reach our friendly team online or at (913) 685-9990 for more answers to your kiddo’s questions!

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