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Choosing a pediatric dentist is extremely important. A good pediatric dentist is passionate about helping children, treats your family like their own, and offers comprehensive gentle dental care. At Smiles Dentistry for Kids, we do just that (and more)!

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should visit the dentist every six months to prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems. These visits begin right after your child’s first tooth erupts. In some cases, the pediatric dentist may recommend more frequent visits.

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Regular dental exams and cleanings do more than just keep your child’s mouth clean, continue reading to learn all the benefits of these appointments.

Relationships are developed.

Children thrive on familiarity. When parents choose and stick with a pediatric dentist, the dental team builds a trusting relationship with the child. Imagine your child looking forward to their dental checkup! That’s the goal at Smiles Dentistry for Kids. We want your child to feel welcome, known, and valued each time he or she visits.

This is especially helpful in a dental emergency. While everything else may seem chaotic, you and your child will find relief know exactly where to go and what to expect.

Parents also feel much more comfortable asking questions about their child’s mouth when they know and trust their child’s dentist.

Oral health records are kept.

As your child grows and develops, so will his teeth. A pediatric dentist will track your child’s oral development to predict and try to avoid any potential dental problems.

In the event of an emergency or if a painful dental disorder arises, the dental team will have immediate access to records of your child’s dental history, health, and jaw development for reference.

Children learn good habits.

Pediatric dentists are great at teaching kids how to properly care for their teeth at home. If you’re having a tough time getting your child to brush or floss properly, let your pediatric dentist help! A deep understanding of oral health and passion for children makes for a great teacher.

Eventually (and all too soon!) your child will be scheduling his own dental exams and cleanings. If you prioritize your child’s oral health now, he is much more likely to keep up with it when he is out on his own.

Parents are educated.

First-time parents especially need to be taught how to properly care for their child’s teeth. While Google can be helpful, you won’t get personalized advice like you can get from the dentist himself. Your pediatric dentist will teach you about the following:

Another benefit of getting the advice in person? You can ask all your questions and voice all your concerns, and you’ll receive immediate answers.

Dental problems are addressed quickly.

Regular dental exams and cleanings allow for the early detection of oral health problems like tooth decay or misalignment. The pediatric dentist can then use more cost-effective and conservative treatments to address the problem. In the long run, these appointments could save your child from lots of pain and discomfort AND save you from breaking the bank!

To learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment for your child, call (913) 685-9990.

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