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A pile of teeth to indicate National Toothache Day

Did you know that National Toothache Day is February 9th? Now, we know what you might be thinking – why would anyone want to celebrate National Toothache Day? Well, it’s more about focusing on optimal oral health than it is about dental pain. Our pediatric dentist is here to tell you why this little-known day matters.

Is your child currently suffering from a toothache? Help them get the relief they deserve at Smiles Dentistry for Kids in Overland Park, KS. Simply give our friendly team a call at (913) 685-9990 to get scheduled for the next available appointment. 

What is a celebration without a little education? In this post, Dr. Matthew Hillman tells you more about toothaches, why they occur, and how you and your little ones can avoid them in the future

What is a toothache?

A toothache is pain that originates in or around one or more teeth. The pain can range from minor discomfort to agonizing pangs. Depending on how severe the pain is, a toothache can make eating, speaking, and even sleeping, learning, and playing much more difficult.

Toothaches can occur for many reasons, and most are easily treatable with restorative and preventive solutions. While some toothaches may go away on their own, it is best to consult with a trained professional to assess the cause of the pain

What causes toothaches?

There are many reasons why a toothache may develop, including:

  • Loose baby teeth that are making way for adult teeth
  • Adult teeth that are erupting through the gums to take the place of baby teeth
  • Abnormal bite patterns (malocclusions)
  • Cavities (the most common dental condition in children, according to the CDC!)
  • Thin tooth enamel
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth infections
  • Sleep bruxism (the unconscious grinding of teeth at night)
  • Dental damage, like cracks or fractures
  • Food debris lodged between the teeth

How to Celebrate National Toothache Day

The best (and easiest!) way to celebrate National Toothache Day is to prevent them! Thankfully, there are plenty of things you and your little ones can do to keep dental pain at bay, including:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing once a day
  • Eating a nutritious diet
  • Drinking plenty of water 
  • Visiting a pediatric dentist in Overland Park at least twice a year for routine checkups

But, what do you do if your little one is currently living with a toothache? Well, here’s what we recommend to ease the pain until you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Matt:

  • Rinse the mouth with a warm saltwater solution to control microbial growth
  • Use over-the-counter painkillers and oral analgesic gels to minimize discomfort
  • Serve room temperature food and drinks to prevent additional pain
  • Limit sugar intake
  • Apply cold compresses to the face for 20 minutes at a time

If you suspect that your child may have a toothache, don’t delay. The sooner they get treatment, the sooner they can get back to being a kid.

Celebrate National Toothache Day with Dr. Matt Hillman

So, what is the best way to celebrate National Toothache Day this year? With a preventive checkup and dental cleaning, of course! Schedule a routine dental exam and cleaning online here, or call our Overland Park pediatric dental office at (913) 685-9990. 

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