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Gum disease (also called periodontitis or periodontal disease) is a destructive condition that can damage our teeth and gums over time. This disease has no age limits, which means that even our little ones can suffer from gingivitis and gum disease. Luckily, February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, and Dr. Matt is here to help us celebrate accordingly.

Does your child appear to have red and inflamed gums? If so, then it’s time to schedule a checkup at Smiles Dentistry for Kids in Overland Park, KS. Parents can request appointments with Dr. Matt at (913) 685-9990 for gentle yet proactive care.

Because February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, we want to teach you how to promote good oral health in your home and community. In this blog, we give you three ideas for celebrating Gum Disease Awareness Month the right way.

Take Time to Educate Kids

As parents, it’s important that we educate our children on the importance of good, daily oral hygiene. Indeed, teaching the basics of brushing and flossing can lay a strong foundation for continued oral health and wellness.

So, take the time to educate kids on gum disease, what causes it, and how to prevent it. Here are some ways that you can explain periodontitis to your kiddos this Gum Disease Awareness Month:

  • What it is: Gum disease is an infection in our gums (the pink stuff around our teeth). It can make our teeth and gums hurt sometimes.
  • What causes it: There are germs in our mouths. Many germs in our mouths are helpful, but some aren’t. Too many bad germs in our mouths can cause gum disease.
  • How to prevent it: Brushing and flossing get rid of the bad germs while helping the good germs stay strong. If we brush and floss every day, then we can keep gum disease away!

Make Oral Hygiene Extra Fun

Nothing pulls us out of the humdrum of daily life like the promise of a good time! So, this Gum Disease Awareness Month, make oral hygiene more exciting with:

  • Brand new, fun toothbrushes
  • New and exciting toothpaste flavors
  • Fun songs to dance and brush along with
  • Small prizes, like stickers or toys

Organize a Community Event

It’s one thing to raise awareness inside the home, but how do we educate the rest of our communities? A community event can help patients of all ages understand the importance of oral hygiene for optimal oral health

Here are some community event ideas to promote Gum Disease Awareness Month this year:

  • Orchestrate a free, community dental checkup drive
  • Create a community-centered oral health education program 
  • Launch an art competition illustrating the importance of oral hygiene and health

Getting involved with your kids and community this Gum Disease Awareness Month can help you spread healthy smiles wherever you go!

Celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month with Dr. Matt

The American Academy of Periodontology recommends gum disease assessments with every pediatric dental checkup your child attends. Has it been longer than six months since your child’s last checkup? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Matt at Smiles Dentistry for Kids now to celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month the right way.

Parents can request appointments here, or they may call our Overland Park pediatric dental office at (913) 685-9990.

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