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young boy smiling and celebrating Oral Health Month

Although school is out for summer, your child’s first teacher works year-round: you! This month, Dr. Matt and his dental team celebrate Oral Health Month, and you’re invited! We’ve devised this kid-friendly, true-false trivia game about oral health so that you and your family can play and learn together.

1. True or False: Smiling can trick your brain into being happier.

True! If you’re having a tough day, turn that frown upside down. The simple act of smiling provokes a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that can make you feel more content (even if you are pretending).

2. True or False: All teeth are created equally.

False! Humans have four distinct types of teeth, and each type performs a specific function that helps us eat:

  • Incisors are the teeth at the front of the mouth. We use these sharp teeth to chop our food into smaller pieces.
  • Canines are the teeth at the intersections of the dental arch. These pointed, sharp teeth help us hold and rip our food.
  • Premolars have flat biting surfaces, which help us break down the food we eat.
  • Molars are at the very back of the mouth and have the greatest surface area. Our molars help us mash and crush what we eat into digestible fragments.

3. True or False: Your teeth are as rare as your fingerprint.

True! You might be surprised to discover that fingerprints and teeth have something in common: they are entirely exclusive to us. Not a single human has the same set, including identical twins. 

4. True or False: We only see 2/3 of our teeth.

False! Like icebergs, most of your dental structure isn’t visible. When we smile, we only see a third of our teeth. The majority is hidden beneath the gums, so it’s essential to keep your gums healthy with daily flossing and brushing.

5. True or False: Dental enamel is the strongest substance in the body.

True! Curiously, the surface of your teeth is harder than your muscles, bones, and fingernails. Enamel is chiefly composed of calcium and phosphate. Additionally, it has specific proteins that strengthen it. Similar to an eggshell, enamel forms on the outer layer of your teeth that protects your smile from decay and damage.

6. True or False: Teeth can heal themselves.

False! Under normal circumstances, your teeth are your only body part that cannot repair themselves. Because teeth are composed of different types of cells, their ability to repair is limited. This serves as a faithful reminder to protect your oral health at all costs!

7. True or False: Regular dental visits are vital for oral health.

True! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit their pediatric dentist every six months for a check-up to prevent dental decay and other oral health problems.

As parents and pediatric specialists, we understand that getting kids interested in oral health can be challenging. Yet we also know that kids must understand how to take care of their oral health. When children understand how their bodies work, they can gain confidence in taking great care of their smiles.

Continue the fun this Oral Health Month by scheduling a children’s dental health visit at Smiles Dentistry for Kids in Overland Park, KS. Message us online or call (913) 685-9990.

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