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Most parents fondly remember smelling the back of their baby’s head and thinking nothing could come close to that sweet scent. So if your child starts having chronic bad breath, it can come as a bit of a shock! Isn’t bad breath something that tends to affect older individuals? Actually, children can struggle with bad breath (halitosis) just as much as adults. Fortunately, a kids’ dentist near you can help you prevent bad breath and treat any underlying issues that might be causing the odors. 

Dr. Matt and his Overland Park, KS, team exclusively treat children. At Smiles Dentistry for Kids, we are compassionate and non-judgemental. We know that parenting is a challenge, so one of our primary goals is to answer questions and to help you feel confident in your role as a mom or dad.

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1. Insufficient Oral Hygiene

Plaque is a film of bacteria clinging to teeth, and the buildup of microbes can cause a lingering odor. Routine hygiene, including brushing, flossing, and biannual visits to the dentist, are essential at every age. 

2. Cavities and Other Dental Concerns

If your child has a cavity, it means that dental tissue is currently decaying, which can emit a bad odor. Similarly, dental infection can cause chronic bad breath. If your child has a crown or filling, it may have come loose, which means that bacteria can become trapped beneath the restoration. If you suspect any of these issues, be sure to visit a kids’ dentist near you. 

3. Your Child Is Sick

Just as dental infection can cause bad breath, so can other types of infections, particularly those affecting the throat and/or sinus passages. A sinus infection, tonsillitis, infected adenoids, and gastroesophageal reflux can all cause halitosis. These conditions typically cause other symptoms, so if you suspect your child is sick, be sure to contact your pediatrician.

4. An Odiferous Diet

If your child regularly consumes smelly foods like garlic and onions, this could be the cause of bad breath. These foods are particularly problematic because they are sulfurous. This means that molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream and released when your child exhales. So even a thorough brushing after a meal may not fix the problem. What will? Time. And if the problem is chronic, consider limiting those more pungent foods.

5. An Object Is Stuck Where It Shouldn’t Be

If you’ve ruled out these other causes, check their nasal passages. As kids start to explore their world, they may stick objects up their nose. In fact, nasal foreign body insertion is most common among kids aged two to five and slightly more common among boys than girls

If you suspect that your child has an object lodged up his nose, be sure to visit your pediatrician. Trying to remove the object yourself may only push it further up and cause serious damage. 

Contact a Kids’ Dentist Near You to Treat Your Child’s Halitosis

Your child doesn’t have to live with embarrassing smelly breath. A kids’ dentist near you can provide appropriate care and offer tips for prevention. 

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