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As a parent, you know kids are insatiably curious. “Why?” seems to be their favorite word, and sometimes it’s very difficult to come up with an answer that will satisfy! But perhaps no other topic elicits such curiosity on the part of children – and such bafflement on the part of their parents – as the tooth fairy! Here, your KS dental office answers some of kids’ most pressing questions about the little sprite.

At Smiles Dentistry for Kids, Dr. Matt and his team want to make dental care fun – whether that means helping you bring the tooth fairy to life or making your kids excited to have their teeth cleaned. 

To benefit from our fun-loving approach and our pediatric expertise, contact our Overland Park, KS, dental office today.

Where does the tooth fairy live?

Fairies are very secretive. They are very small and easily hurt by big animals and mean human hunters. So, unlike Santa Claus, the tooth fairy has never publicized her home base. However, your KS dental office staff has heard rumors that the tooth fairy lives in a magical forest in western England

What does she do with all those teeth?

This is probably the biggest mystery of all when it comes to the tooth fairy. What does the little creature want all those teeth for? 

Some say she uses them to build a castle to live in. Others say she polishes them up and throws them into the night sky to be new stars. Still others believe that she recycles them and uses them to make big, grownup teeth that will replace the old teeth. 

The Smithsonian claims that she uses them to make an exhibit in the Museum of American History!

How does she get into my room at night?

Lost teeth play magic music, which only the tooth fairy can hear. Guided by this siren song, she squeezes through the cracks of doors and beneath pillows. She uses her fairy dust to cast children into a deep sleep so they won’t wake up and catch her while she is gathering their teeth. 

How old is the tooth fairy?

The earliest known oral reference to the tooth fairy dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The first written record of her existence is from a 1927 children’s play by Esther Watkins Arnold. So you could say that she is about 100. 

However, we’ve heard that she magically stays 18 forever

How much money does she leave?

Like everyone, the tooth fairy is subject to inflation. As of this year, kids receive an average payout of $5.36 per tooth. This is an all-time record high. In 2020, the tooth fairy paid an average of $4.03, and in 2019 she paid just $3.70.

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